Business Presentations


    In this session, I will share my formula for, designing and delivering a winning pitch that will connect you to your audience and increase your chances for success.  I will go over specific tools, developed during my career as an entertainment executive, that will help you communicate with the confidence and passion it takes to stand out and increase sales.
    By understanding how to find and utilize your voice, you will acquire the skills it takes to set you apart from the masses in business and in life.  In discovering the universal moments in your story that make you unique, you will learn how to draw from your emotional truth in order to shape your personal and professional destiny. 
    I have been analyzing and evaluating stories for 19 years, 12 years as a studio executive, and as a result I have been exposed to some of the top storytellers in Hollywood.  In this presentation, I will show you what parts of your story to use when and I will share powerful tools for sharpening your story and your business.
    • Starting your story (business plan) with a powerful dilemma (niche that needs to be filled in the market.)
    • Stemming a strong and clear goal.
    • Connecting all your pivotal business decisions back to your goal.
    • How to find your voice in your story.
    • Writing powerful and memorable log lines.
    • Adding messages, theme and symbolism to your organizational story.

Jen’s talks reflect her 19 years in business and in telling story.  They are fast moving, informative, anecdote driven and entertaining.  Jen specially designs and customizes each talk for the particular audience.  She presents a series of strategies, formulas and exercises to get you where you want to go with a combination of fact, stories, insights and interpretations that audience members can apply immediately to get better results.

Jen has spoken at the WGA, TV/Film Summit, The Screenwriting Expo, The Great American Pitchfest, The Writer’s Store, The Scriptwriter’s Network, The Northwestern Screenwriter’s Guild.  She has served on panels for the WGA, iTVFest, UFVA and The Writer’s Bootcamp.

Rates vary on the length of the talk. Please contact Amie Yavor at CAA. Here is my speaker page.