Pitch Document Formula For Pilots

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Start your pitch off with passion. Tell them what inspired your story. If there is a link with a personal story that you have that connects to the concept and establishes that you are the perfect writer for this pitch, use it here.



What is the world of your concept? What is the time period? Is there a wish fulfillment element? Bring it all to life here.



Use the formula set up of who (create empathy) dilemma, action, goal with a twist of irony.


*The purpose of sharing your series log line is to give your audience a general idea of what your show is.



Give a log line for the A story. This tells your audience how you are going to enter the world through the central character in your A story.



Give a few lines about your central character. Tell us about your character through showing his/her personality in a situation.



Tell your story in a way that your audience can visualize your powerful opening or a compelling climax. If you pitch your Teaser, give a strong sense of your opening dilemma. What is the thematic question going out of your opening? How is your series an answer to this question?







If there are 2-3 other central characters, give one or two lines about them. You just want to define their characters. Do not give a paragraph/paragraphs on each of your characters; you will lose your audience. Give a strong sense of your character dynamics.


Think about my exercise Log Line For Your Life and write one for each of your characters.  Remember to think, what is the wound that is driving my central character? What is the flaw that gets in the way? How does the pursuit heal the wound?



What are some of the themes that you plan to use in your pilot and your series?

In this section, you want to give your audience a universal sense of your concept.



            What we will see week to week in your series? Make it clear that you have a             strong engine for story.



Loop back around to what inspired your show, why you think now is a good time for it and any last tidbits that will excite them about your concept and make them feel your passion



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    Hello! Thank you so much for your email. It was great having you at the Writers Guild. I look forward to hearing from you in the future. My email is jen@jengrisanti.com. To your success! Bliss, Jen

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