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  • Susan Graul

    Jen, I love your podcasts, have almost listened to all of them! You do such a great job as an interviewer and it is only one of your many fine talents.

    I especially perked up my ears when it came to your comments on what it takes to get in the right place as a writer. You can be motivated and you can put in the hours, you can get going but you can not fake the fire. I really struggle with this, cause I feel (or think) this is what I want to do, but I can’t find the right story to prove it or maybe I just don’t have the talent? And then I get frustrated and eventually doubt, that this is really what I am supposed to do with my life. Not so uncommon, I guess but as mentioned above, I think it is important to look at this part of the process as well, otherwise you will be behind and unhappy although you are trying to make your dream come true – likely to happen, if it is not your dream.

    Anyway, I rediscovered your website and am absolutely impressed by what you have achieved. And on a very optimistic note: your FB post about Miss Representation has triggered and idea for a feature or whatever that I r e a l l y like! Gonna go for it, give it a try, gonna put it “on the page” as your lovely Pilar Alexandra would say. Maybe this is the message that moves me so much, that I can find a way to shape it, so that people want to hear and understand it better.

    Thanks so much for all your inspiration and please say hello to Craig Machen, I really like his attitude! Lovely to hear a man being so true and up for family life. Wish him all the best.

    Gonna go now, have kept you for too long, so sorry.
    All the best to you, you are just wonderful!

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