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  • Bradford Richardson

    Jennifer, What an inspiring interview with Korinna! Love her determination, drive and enthusiasm. I’d love to join the collaborative, “Circle of Inspiration,” you both just created : )

  • Jan Anderson-Pung

    Thank you, Jennifer, for interviewing Director and Filmmaker Korinna Sehringer. What a breath of fresh air listening to you and to Korinna, with her honest, sometimes self deprecating sense of humor in telling her own life’s story in film making.

    Korinna is an incredibly gifted director and story teller who I feel is headed for greatness. I agree with Jennifer wholeheartedly – that Korinna’s debut feature length film SHOUTING SECRETS is a true work of art. The story captured me right from the quirky, shuffling crab costumed beginning, when the main character’s voice over says “that’s my mom in the crab outfit….believe it or not she’s the most sane person in the family.” Immediately I felt a connection to the main character’s story, in that no family is perfect, that we are all somehow flawed in one way or another.

    The story introduces us to an American Indian writer, living his own reality, after having published a ‘family tell all’ novel – SHOUTING SECRETS. Called home following the sudden illness of his mother (the glue of the family), he’s forced to deal with the backlash of the novel as well as finding his place again within the family and rediscovering his ‘voice’ as a writer.

    This film touched my heart in so many ways as it has almost everybody who’s seen it, capturing the “Audience Favorite Feature Film Award” at almost every film festival where it has been shown.

    The script was so well written and the timing is perfection. I found myself laughing and crying at all the right places. Under Korinna’s direction, the talented actors tug at our heart strings throughout the film, with a particularly strong performance throughout the movie by supporting actor Tyler Christopher.

    I strongly encourage anyone, who hasn’t yet seen the film yet, to find a venue where it will be playing and go see it. This is the very sort of film from which everyone would benefit from seeing. SHOUTING SECRETS encourage families to listen to one another without judgment, to forgive, to cherish and to love one another (including the hiccups)as the imperfect beings that we all are.

    I hope this film will reach mass distribution. It’s exactly the kind of story that we all need to hear, told with great tenderness and care by a wonderful film director who’s living her own dream of making movies. I’m proud of Korinna and all the female directors out there pioneering the ‘women of film making’ movement. I look forward to seeing her next film, with great anticipation and I’m hoping, for all of our sakes, that she continues to never give up on living her dream!

    To you Jennifer and to Korinna I say “Mahalo nui loa!” (a heartfelt thank you)

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