Try and fail, but don’t fail to try.
~ Stephen Kaggwa


After 25 years, I’ve been involved in every part of it, from spec to shoot. No matter where you are in your career or the industry, I have the insight that can put you several steps closer to your goals.

With this service, you will learn tips and techniques about how to succeed in a meeting.  You can book it by the hour or request it as part of your package.  I successfully staffed over 15 primetime shows and with this, I will bring what I learned to you.  Being strong in the room is every bit as important as being strong on the page.

Fees for this Service start at $450.00/hour.

I will give comprehensive notes on television/feature scripts to get you the attention of agents/managers as well as executives/producers who are hiring. I can take you from story concept to outline to script. If you have a finished script, I will give you notes that will help you make it the best that it can be.

TV Consults –          Fees start at $600.00 (Sample proposals are listed under subpage, Proposals.)
Feature Consults – Fees start at 825.00 (Sample proposals are listed under subpage, Proposals.)

The pilot script is one of the most challenging scripts to write.  I have several services involving the pilot writing process starting with the pitch.  In a one hour session, I will hear between 3-5 pitches and help you to figure out which are your strongest concepts with regards to the current market.  Then, I will guide you with breaking the story for your pilot, writing the concept sheet, the outline and the script.  We can work on any one of these areas or all of them.  If you already have your pilot script written but would like to develop it further or get feedback, I have consults starting at this phase.

Pilot Consults – Fees start at $750.00.  (Sample proposals are listed under subpage, Proposals.)

With packages ranging from 5-10 weeks of weekly one-hour meetings, you will finally get your best scripts out of your head and on to the paper.

If you book 5 coaching consults, it will include 5 meetings/calls up to an hour in length, including coverage on one script or up to three scripts.  It will be $550.00 per meeting for TV.  If you book 10 coaching consults, it will be $450.00 per meeting. For a feature script, it is $650.00 per meeting.

The coaching consults include going over pitching, meeting skills and log lines in addition to notes.

If you have a fiction or non-fiction book that you are looking to make into a feature or a pilot, I will help guide you in your process.  If you are looking to develop the content in your book, I will work with you on getting it where it needs to be.

Book Consults – Fees start at $1,600.00.  (Sample proposals are listed under subpage, Proposals.)

No matter where you are in your career, I have the experience, insight and knowledge to help you choose your next steps. I will read your scripts, watch your reels, look at your credits, interview you, assess your representation, and hit the industry grapevine to figure out why you aren’t getting hired or moving up the ladder faster.

Career Consults – Fees start at $400.00/hour

I will help advise you on what scripts you need to write to get the most attention from agents and managers.  If you have the right scripts and your writing is at a place where I feel I can add value, I will send your scripts out to agents and managers.  I will do this only if I believe you are in the top 5%.  This involves us working together on a few script consults so I can assess your level of writing and your creative process.

A very specific art form, pitching scripts is your chance to shine. I will help you refine your technique, skills and confidence.  For those of you going in to pitch for the first time at the studios and or networks, I have pitching sessions available by the hour.

Pitching Sessions – Fees start at $450.00/hour

Need help redefining yourself? Stuck on a show you don’t want to be on? I can help you tap into your talent again, create the right material for the show you want to be on, write to the top of your ability and show ’em what you’ve got.

Getting from the treatment to the script can be daunting. I will review your treatment and show you how to make the script a reality.

Picking writers for your show is serious business; I can help choose the writers who will deliver the best stories. Having staffed some of the most successful shows in television, I have great tools to share with you that will get the job done with the results that you want. I’ll weed through your stack of scripts and select three top candidates at every level.

I have been on the studio side; I have seen writers lose jobs because they don’t have the right spec scripts. I will review your client roster and make sure that they have the best spec scripts possible to market their talent. To help them get the job, I will meet with your writers and provide a report highlighting the selling points that the studio wants to hear. Utilizing my studio perspective will increase their chances of success.

I will show you how to give notes that your clients will hear and heed, elevating their scripts and getting you both the results you want.

In an effort to make it easier to build relationships within the entertainment community, I host a networking night the first Friday of every month with Scriptwriters Network. We do it at The Barrel Room on Sunset in Los Angeles  from 6:30 p.m. – 9:30  p.m. Studio and network executives, writers, directors, agents and managers are invited to meet quality creative people in a more casual environment.