Life’s ups and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine our values and goals. Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want.
Marsha Sinetar

Jen is one in a hundred million. She reads your pages and offers brilliant consult in mere minutes as her brain is super-powered. After sharing ways to elevate your work she gently nudges your soul to open and in doing so, you are better for the probing. All this with pure gratefulness and kindness.

Cathy Lynn Yonek – Writer

Jen’s unique and inspired contribution to the TV Writers Studio went above and beyond anything we imagined, both as a teacher and as a professional mentor . With her unique blend of spiritual, psychological and professional wisdom, she offered practical and effective ways to connect to your authentic voice and bring emotional resonance to your work.  Jen was a crowd favorite for the hundreds of attendees – highly professional, motivated, warm, she is a joy to work with. We can’t wait to get her back in Australia again!
Annie MacArthur, Producer – Epiphany International Artists P/L

“Jen Grisanti is at the master class level. She has impeccable industry credentials, a sharp intellect, and a compelling personal vision–all of which she combines in her unique and results proven approach to writing and craft.”

John Mason
Film Commissioner, Hawaii

Jen Grisanti was an absolute godsend this season of Writers on the Verge.  Her warmth and insight in the note-giving process led to constructive workshops, and amazing scripts.  Jen has an incredible eye for story, character and dialogue.  She went above and beyond the call of duty, really getting to know the participants, catering her process to their individual styles and talents.  She’s an incredible lady who genuinely cares about shaping each piece to its fullest potential.
Erika Kennair, Creator of NBC’s Writers on the Verge Program/ Director of Development
Sci-Fi Channel

I had the fortune of discovering Jennifer Grisanti Consulting just before it was time to submit my pilot for a writing program.  It is almost comical that I was confident with my pilot prior to our consultation. Needless to say, I walked away from our meeting not only with great feedback, but also a unique structural point of view that I will forever filter my future projects through.  She was amazingly easy to talk to, keyed in on every facet of story, and able to break down the story structure into an equation that is a one size fits all.  I can confidently say that all my future projects will house her lovely fingerprint.

Joshua Faulkner, Writer

Jen Grisanti gave me the tools to mine my own experiences and translate them into any genre.  She has a rare expertise in crafting story with both emotional depth and efficient structure…  And what’s more, she’s an ace at teaching others how to do it.   
Gina Monreal, Co-Executive Producer – NCIS

“Jen coached me through a script that helped me land a top agent and a gig writing for a big network sitcom.  Because of her, I never start breaking story on a pilot until I figure out my main character’s dilemma.  I never blow an act without thinking ‘is this an obstacle to the goal?’   Her methods and terminology have seeped into my writing process because they work.  They get me meetings and jobs.   Simple as that.”  
Isaac Gonzalez, Story Editor – Legends of Chamberlain Heights

“What makes Jen Grisanti such a great teacher isn’t that she teaches you to ‘write what you know’; it’s that she teaches you to know who you are. And that’s the greatest lesson any writer can learn.”
Benjamin Raab, writer/Co-Executive Producer – The Flash

Jen’s mantra of establishing clear dilemmas at the top of each episode has proven invaluable, especially on an ensemble show like ours.  Setting definitive problems upfront not only gives the audience a clear understanding of what is at the heart of each storyline, but provides an unstoppable momentum that keeps the pages turning.   

Jen’s philosophy on loglines has been a tremendous help both on and off the page. Before one word is written, it hones you in on what your story is about and becomes a contract between writer and script. Equally important, it articulates an idea to others in a concise, but effective manner – an invaluable tool for writers of all stripes.
Brian Anthony, Co-Producer – Night Shift

“A lot of instructors preach ‘write what you know,’ but Jen’s method is more ‘write what you feel.’  She recognizes that every writer has unique experiences from which to draw, and she helps you access those experiences so you can turn them into stories that have a beating heart on the page.”
Rick Muirragui,  Executive Producer – Suits

“Even after five years working in television, I use Jen’s TV Pilot worksheet as a guide for my original work as well as the shows I’m writing for.  Story is story, no matter what the format or medium, and to this day, I haven’t found a better way to assess whether I’m simply putting a bunch or words on a page, or telling a story that has the potential to make people feel something magical.”
TJ Brady, Supervising Producer – Shooter

Jen’s teachings transformed the way I write, and how I approach every aspect of creating and challenging my characters. From the specs I’ve written to the shows I work for, the methods I’ve taken from her lessons permeate throughout. Whether it be for an original pilot or feature, a show about monsters,  or a show about a superhero, the focus remains the same: make the characters relatable. Make them human beings who go through obstacles that transform them. Keep them grounded and real by channeling my own life experience, and keep them driven towards clear but difficult goals.
Keto Shimizu, Co-Executive Producer – Legends

There are several books about writing on my shelf, but the only ones dog-eared and highlighted from cover to cover are those written by Jen Grisanti.  Through her experience as an executive and intuitive mentor, Jen has the unique ability to fan the flames of creativity… both on the page… and under your ass.  Simply put, I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance.
Ryan Rege Harris, Story Editor – Chicago Fire

Working with Jen was an amazing experience for which we are eternally grateful.  Her insight was invaluable, her feedback educational, and her passion for helping writers improve their craft undeniable.

Ben Raab and Deric A. Hughes, Finalists in NBC’s Writers on the Verge/Co-Executive Producers – The Flash

Jennifer understands what makes writers tick, knows how to push you so you look into yourself and extract the truth that’s in there somewhere.  Her passion, insight and enthusiasm will help you climb to great heights as a writer.  And she wears many hats — teacher, booster, coach, friend — but most importantly she’s a guide, determined to help you find your way.
Rick Muirragui, Finalist in NBC’s Writers on the Verge, Staff  Writer on PAST LIFE, Staff Writer on MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE

With her invaluable knowledge gained in the trenches of tv series production and her familiarity with all the important players in town, Jen Grisanti brings her clients unparalleled advice and wisdom, whatever their level of experience or expertise.  As a veteran writer, I was greatly impressed with the concise, helpful notes she offered to my latest spec effort.  Just as important, Jennifer guided me towards the best way to repair some relationships that had frayed over ther years — she’s particularly adept at translating the haiku that often passes for communication in Hollywood and serves as a great adjunct to both agents and managers.
Barry Schkolnick, Writer/Producer

At the heart of it, Jen’s business is really about helping people achieve their dreams.  During our first meeting with her, we quickly sensed that Jen brought so much more to the table than just simple feedback on our scripts.  Her vast experience in the industry, unique insights, and tremendous positive energy helped us break through professionally as well as creatively.  When we started working with Jen, we were mired in doubt and frustration after spending several years trying to break into the business.  Only a few months later, we are on a network drama staff.  Jen was with us every step of the way, from spec script outline to meeting prep, and the result exceeded our wildest expectations.  Since then, whenever fellow writers ask us how we got staffed, we tell them that it started with Jen Grisanti.
TJ Brady and Rasheed Newson, Supervising Producers – Shooter

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Jennifer Grisanti is the writers port in the storm. As great as you think that first pass may be, she will guide you to make it better. If you hate that first draft, she will guide you to make it better. With clear, concise notes, and an optimism and enthusiasm that is all too often lacking nowadays, you will walk away from the experience not just with better material, but as a better writer. I did.

Jorge Reyes, Television Writer

If you’re looking for someone to email you comments about how you should “start the action sooner” or “raise the stakes,” Jen is definitely not your gal. No, instead, she’s going to pull you into a discussions about your intent, your choices, the direction of the script and its pitfalls. Then she’s going to take everything you talked about and write it up so you have it nearby when you go back in for another pass at your material. And like any fine and thoughtful editor, Jen is also a bit of a life coach, which helps you tune out the noise of this town and write honestly.
Dana Calvo, Television Writer

Jennifer Grisanti is the best friend a writer ever had.  Not only that, she is the ‘secret weapon’ you need to get your material noticed. From the moment we met, I knew I was in good hands. She is charming, personable, she immediately puts you at ease, and best of all, SHE KNOWS HER STUFF.  As an author and playwright attempting to make the transition into film and television, I had a lot of questions about technique as well as my ability to succeed in this highly competitive arena. Within ONE WEEK of finishing my first spec script with Jen Grisanti (a process that took less than a month), I had a high-powered manager who signed me as a television writing client. Jennifer Grisanti is ‘The Goods’!”
Luke Yankee
Award-winning playwright and author

Jen combines her passion for story with an astute understanding of what makes a story relateable.  Nothing gets by her — whether it’s a question of character development, theme, or major story beats, her suggestions are spot on and have helped me realize each script more completely, I trust her instincts implicitly.
Jude Roth, Feature/Television Writer
Page Int’l finalist, Slamdance and Cinestory semifinalist, Austin second rounder

Jennifer Grisanti’s insights and encouragement were instrumental to the success of “Medium” during its first two seasons. The combination of her vast experience and unyielding optimism made her the perfect conduit between the show, the studio and the network.
Glenn Gordon Caron, Creator

Jennifer’s script notes have always had laser focus — specific and clear… I was always impressed with the thoroughness and careful consideration she brought to our episodes — from outline, through script, and all the way to final cut. As an executive, she was both inventive and a great supporter of artists’ vision.
Ken Sanzel, Executive Producer

Jennifer Grisanti is a writer’s friend. And there aren’t many of those out there. She gives clear, well thought out notes, and she’s a television vet who knows how the game is played. In short, a valuable ally.
Ira Behr, Executive Producer

Jen is a true partner. It was such a relief for me to know that she was actively seeking out the best writers and directors for MEDIUM. I never had to second guess her as I knew she had always done the most thorough research and found the most qualified and talented staff available. Beyond this, we were always in sync with our notes to the show’s writers, so it made my life so easier to know my studio partner was supportive.
Bruce Evans, Senior Vice President
Current Programs NBC

Jennifer has great insight into working with writers. She has a special ability to nurture their vision, while being true to story structure, character and dialogue. Her notes are always clear, insightful and productive. Her notes also benefit from her extensive experience in many genres, offering valuable perspective and versatility.
Alix Jaffe, Vice President

Current Programs CBS Entertainment

Jennifer is a great executive. She has a keen eye for discovering talented writers and directors and an extensive portfolio of shows that she has supervised. This experience makes her a valuable asset in television.
Jackie DeCrinis, Senior Vice President
USA Network

Jennifer is always a pleasure to deal with. She has an eye for talent and as a current executive, really gave great feedback on the material that I sent to her. There is nothing worse than an exec who doesn’t respond to your submissions but Jen read each and every one of my clients and gave an accurate assessment of their viability to staff on that particular show.
Robert N. Golenberg, Vice-President, Head of Television Packaging
The Gersh Agency

Jen Grisanti’s support and guidance helped launch my career, and since then I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with her on more than fifty episodes of TV. Her insightful comments have improved every script I’ve done; working closely with her has made me a better writer.
Craig Sweeny, Executive Producer

It’s very simple, when Jennifer Grisanti talks, writers listen. And they listen because she gets it, can see where they missed it, and knows how to bring them to it.
Steve Binder, Executive-Producer

Jennifer is a pleasure to work with. She gives great script notes; they are constructive and thoughtful. She has amazing follow through and excellent relationships around town.
Lindsay Sloane, Vice President
USA Network

I’ve worked with and for Jennifer Grisanti on three different series for television. As an executive, her insight, creativity and sense of humor have been pivotal to the success of those series. As a director, I’m grateful for her loyalty and enthusiastic support, which have truly been the cornerstone to my career. Currently, as a producer, I find her story ideas and editorial notes always helpful, focused and credible. She knows what she’s talking about! She has optimism and passion for excellence combined with a love of people that is rare in Hollywood.
John Behring, Supervising Director/Producer

Jennifer Grisanti is one of the good guys. She looks you in the eye, listens with sincerity, and is quick to share her experience and wisdom. As a young writer, Jennifer took time to encourage and advise me on my first year in the business. She has been a mentor, an advisor, an advocate, and a constructive critic. As a giver of notes, Jennifer combines excellent story sense with a compassionate, polite disposition. After a notes call with Jennifer, you feel like you’ve gotten extensive feedback from someone who’s on your side.
Michael Narducci, Co-Executive Producer

Jen Grisanti helped launch my TV career. She knows the business and understands the unwritten rules of Hollywood. Along with her business savvy, she also has a keen story sense. Jen’s insightful script notes inspire writers to do their best work. She’s still one of my first calls when I need advice.
Kam Miller, Staff Writer
2004 mentee in CBS Diversity Program

Jennifer Grisanti’s involvement in my career during the 2007 television staffing season was crucial to my success. Grisanti’s innate sense of story, structure, and the intricacies of the television business were invaluable during the writing process. A mentorship with Jennifer truly served as a master class in “How To Be Successful in Television.”
Nichelle D. Tramble, Supervising Producer
2006 mentee in CBS Diversity Program