Crystalize your goals, make plans to achieve them, and set a deadline. Then, with supreme confidence and determination, carry out your plan.
Paul Meyer


After working with numerous writers, directors and executives, I know how to help a wide variety of people in the entertainment industry:

  • A television writer who needs guidance with the writing process and wants to know what spec scripts will attract the most attention.
  • A television/feature writer who is writing a pilot and wants an informed opinion.
  • A feature writer who sold a pitch and needs guidance writing the script.
  • A writer who just sold a pilot and wants help navigating the development process to make sure it gets on the air. I will explain how to work with a POD and what to expect from the studio and the network.
  • A television writer who wants an experienced set of eyes to review their script before it’s given to the showrunner.
  • A writer who needs advice on working efficiently and successfully in the writer’s room.
  • A feature writer who is looking to develop their scripts and make sure that they’re in the strongest shape possible.
  • A television/feature writer who needs advice on how to get representation.  I will work with you on script consults.  If the quality of the writing is at a level where I can add value, I will help you with the representation process.
  • A novelist/non-fiction writer who would like to make their book into a pilot or a feature.
  • A writer who is about to pitch a project for the first time.
  • An established writer who feels stuck and wants to know the best way to redefine his/her image.
  • A writer who is interested in transitioning into new media.
  • A studio that is looking for a Script Consultant to strengthen their feature scripts.
  • A new media person who is interested in transitioning into a television/film career.
  • An agency that wants to strengthen their roster by ensuring their clients have the right spec scripts to market them in the best way possible to the studios/networks.
  • A show that is looking for another professional opinion on scripts and staffing.
  • An independent production company that is looking for another professional opinion on scripts and staffing.
  • A writer who is seeking new representation. I have strong relationships in this town. If your material is where it needs to be, I will help guide you to the right place.
  • A writer who wants a professional opinion on a play. I will go to the cast read through and work with you through the process until it hits the stage.
  • A manager who wants guidance in script assessment and note-giving techniques that will elevate the script.
  • A junior agent who wants to better understand the note giving process.